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About Us

The Designer: Arthur Ceria
In the last decade, Arthur Ceria has created some of the most influential work in the digital media world. He is responsible for award-winning online and integrated campaigns for companies including Yahoo!, Cisco, Volvo, MCI, Intel, Evian and Polaroid, and is widely considered a leader in the field. In 2005, Arthur was named Creative All Star by Media Post, an online resource for advertising media professionals. Whether he’s launching pixilated promotions for one of the world’s largest technology giants or creating a web site that lets fashionistas show off their style, this bona fide media lover knows how to “wow” international audiences with cutting-edge creativity.

The Silk Road Project Logo


Our Word Mark

The design filling the "O" in the Silk Road Project word mark embodies the interconnectedness of traditional Silk Road lands.

Three concentric rings emerge from a central circle, each ring comprising circles and suggesting a string of pearls. This pearl roundel motif, as it is called, has its origins in Sasanian Persia (3rd century C.E. to 7th century C.E.).

The direct inspiration for our design comes from a seventh-century silk fabric found in Japan that is similar to a seventh-century fabric excavated in Turfan (present-day Xinjiang Province, China) and also a seventh-century fabric found in Astana (present-day Kazakhstan).

“By listening to and learning from the voices of an authentic musical tradition, we become increasingly able to advocate for the worlds they represent.”