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Arts Education Institute
Educators and artists, deepen your understanding of how learning takes place in and through the arts in August 2013 with Silk Road Ensemble musicians, Yo-Yo Ma and Harvard faculty. Learn more about The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning institute.

Silk Road Connect students performing at the Queens Theatre, Flushing, NY in June 2013


Education Overview

We have a passion for education, and our goal is to inspire self-motivated learning through the arts. Our educational principles guide our work with students, educators and partner institutions.

The Silk Road Project provides a gateway to greater understanding of the world through active educational programs and resources and multidisciplinary explorations of topics inspired by the Silk Road.

Current educational initiatives

  • Silk Road Connect, an approach to teaching through the arts that uses cross-disciplinary instruction and high-impact activities to spark a lifelong passion for learning.
  • The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning, a weekend summer institute for educators and teaching artists from all disciplines

Other educational resources and programs

The Silk Road Project is affiliated with Harvard University, exploring connections between the arts and academics. The Silk Road Ensemble also conducts short-term residencies in museums and universities and workshops with music students.

“Passion-driven education liberates students and gives them the self-confidence to discover who they are as individuals and how they fit in the world.”