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Year of the Snake
To celebrate 2013, Year of the Snake, we held an art contest for Silk Road Connect students. See this winning watercolor and more student art in our Year of the Snake Gallery.

Silk Road Connect students from JHS 185 take bows after their culminating event performance in June 2013


Silk Road Connect

A Silk Road Project Educational Program

Program Vision

Silk Road Connect inspires passion-driven learning by empowering students and educators to seek connections across all areas of study and to follow their interests from the familiar to the foreign. In a spirit of playfulness and investigation, collaboration and creativity, this program invites students and teachers to experience learning as a continual process and the foundation for a meaningful life in our complex and interrelated world.

As ongoing globalization, technological advances and prolonged international conflict make our world ever smaller, it becomes increasingly important that we learn to embrace our identities as citizens of a global community. The arts have historically been a gateway to understanding among diverse peoples, but continued cuts to arts programming in public schools are denying young people valuable tools to connect with the world around them.

In response, the Silk Road Project has developed Silk Road Connect, an approach to teaching that targets upper elementary and middle school students in low-resourced communities, where students are least likely to have access to the transformative power of the arts. By working with students in this age range, we are engaging children at a pivotal point in their lives when making connections with a broader world can be of enormous benefit.

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Silk Road Connect in New York City

During the 2012-2013 school year, the Silk Road Project worked for a fourth year with Edward Bleeker JHS 185 in Queens. Educators took part in professional development sessions, and teaching artists visited classrooms to share their perspectives as professional artists and as individuals. The year culminated at the Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows, NY with a student-driven performance, "Tales of Wonder."

See a sample art lesson shared by one of the teachers participating in Silk Road Connect at JHS 185.

Silk Road Connect Outreach

We are conducting Silk Road Connect Outreach to extend the impact of this innovative arts education program. During the 2012-2013 school year, teaching artist visits took place at Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in the Roxbury neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.

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