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Close-up of a blue and white patchwork Pojagi cloth


A Journey in Color
This pojagi cloth was made by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) students, using traditional techniques of dying cloth in vats of indigo and hand-sewing it in particular patterns. The Silk Road Ensemble developed a musical work based on the worldwide migration of the dye indigo while in residence at RISD.

Dong-Won Kim


"One can live comfortably as a traditional musician, by feeding upon what our mothers gave us. But I wanted to do something of my own."


Dong-Won Kim

Korean percussion and vocals, composer (Korea) Born in Pusan, Korea, Dong-Won Kim began studying Korean traditional percussion music in 1986. He has worked with master performers such as Duk-Su Kim and is versed in Jindo-sitgim-gut (the shaman ritual of the Jindo region), Kyong-gi-do-dang-gut (the shaman ritual of the Kyong-gi area), samulnori (farmers' music), pansori, and maul-pungmul-gut (farmers' music).

Dong-Won currently teaches music online as a professor of Wonkwang Digital University. He has also written several fairy tales for children.

Dong-Won appears on the Silk Road Ensemble's albums New Impossibilities and Off the Map.