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Jonathan Gandelsman plays before a live drawing by Kevork Mourad.


Artist at Work
Johnny Gandelsman plays before a live drawing by Kevork Mourad in a performance of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh's Mugam-Sajahy by the Silk Road Ensemble during a residence at RISD in 2005.

Kevork Mourad


Kevork Mourad

Visual artist (Syria/Armenia)  Kevork Mourad, an artist of Armenian origin, was born in 1970 in Syria. In 1996 he received his MFA from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in Armenia. 

He performs his spontaneous painting technique in partnership with musicians on a shared stage, as art and music develop in counterpoint. Collectively they create a timeline for the story to be told, which sets the points at which spontaneous painting is created in time with the story, when Mourad's visuals projections are created, and when pre-recorded animation comes into play—a frame-by-frame creation that mimics the artist's painting technique.

Mourad has collaborated with Syrian clarinetist and composer Kinan Azmeh, Brooklyn Rider, Liubo Borissov, Dinuk Wijeratne, Mike Block, Eve Beglarian, Ken Ueno, Kim Kashkashian, Haruka Fujii, Mari Kimura, Tambuco, and Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. His most recent projects were two original plays he directed and created with Anaïs Alexandra.

He has performed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Rhode Island Museum of Art, the Nara Museum in Japan, the Rubin Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His paintings are on permanent display in the Boori Khalife. He has exhibited all over the Middle East and is represented by Rafia Gallery in Damascus and Dubai.

Mourad joined the Silk Road Ensemble in 2005. He recently performed with the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma and hundreds of New York City Silk Road Connect sixth graders in "Tales of Wonder" at the New York Hall of Science in June 2012 and "Night at the Caravanserai" at SummerStage in Central Park in June 2011.

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