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Chicago schoolchildren playing drums at Millennium Park


Passion-Driven Learning
Chicago schoolchildren participated in The Stone Horse: A Silk Road Journey, a story-concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Ensemble. Students had a hands-on learning experience with different percussion instruments before having a chance to take the stage with professional musicians before an audience of more than 10,000.

Khongorzul Ganbaatar

"The Silk Road Project has created opportunities for me to share Mongolian music with the world and to learn about the world. For instance, because of the Silk Road Project I can say, 'I love New York.' I hope that people who hear our music will someday say, 'I love Mongolia.'"


Khongorzul Ganbaatar

Urtiin duu (longsong, Mongolia) Khongorzul Ganbaatar began her professional musical studies at the age of 22. She was raised in the Mongolian province of Khentii, where singing urtiin duu is ubiquitous as entertainment. She never sang publicly during her adolescence. On an impulse, she auditioned for the Than Khentii Folk Ensemble and was accepted as a member of the group. In 1998 she moved to Ulaanbaatar to study at the University of Culture and Art under Professor Delghr. In the same year she entered her first musical competition, the Ulaanbaatar Competition of Professional Longsong Singers, and was awarded first prize.

Since that time Khongorzul has performed as a soloist with organizations including the Mongolia Theater of National Dance and Folksong and the Traditional Music and Dance Theater and has been a soloist at concerts in the United States, Japan and China.

Khongorzul performs with the Silk Road Ensemble and appears on the album When Strangers Meet.

Urtiin duu (longsong)


Urtiin duu (longsong)

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